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FAQ's & Policy

FaQ's, Policy, Shipping, Returns

Official PayPal Seal

When Placing an Order with us Paypal your Information Account Home Address

Please Confirm your Address
We ship to that address Only
Verify before purchasing!
Its buyer mistake if not delivered we take no fault for that

Faq's: We specialize in high quality products and excellent service.

Policy: We are here to provide you our customers with prompt customer service. Our products are guaranteed competitive prices and quality.

Disclaimer: No Refunds on hair products and skin products we cannot take these products back under any circumstance with the exception of unopened Items. We can refund our customers for apparel and other sorts of fashion Items we carry in the same condition as bought. If we send the wrong Item color, size, or style, and are not the Intial Items you've the customer has purchased we will be happy to honor the exchange. However, if there is a price difference in the Intial product you purchased, If the prices are equal we will honor the item and glady exchange the Item. If the product Is more you'll have to pay the price difference. If the price on the Item are less we will refund the difference. Customers pay to ship back and Cosmo Haul / Beauty Experts Studio will pay for shipping the new Items to the customer, once the old Items are returned.

Returns: Product can be returned within a 7 day grace period from the date received. You the customer would pay for Shipping. Products can be returned in the condition you received it new and no other exceptions.

Shipping: Please allow one day to handle parcel after receiving payment. We only use USPS, so please allow 1 day to handle parcel after receiving payment. Slow and Low Cost Shipping is through USPS 4-6 Business days Priority Parcel mail shipping.

USPS First Class without tracking $10.00 6-8 days
USPS Priority Airmail $12.95 4-5 days
USPS Express Mail $15.00 2-3 days

Fast shipping: orders will take up to 2-3 business days accommodated through USPS with extra shipping cost.

International Customers: Shipping cost can be on a fluctuating scale and can be more of the amount of the product you want to purchase. Price depends on the weight of your product.
USPS: Small Boxes 25.00 Medium Boxes 40.00 Large Boxes 80.00
Shipping: 6-10 days or up to 4 weeks depending on your country
USPS First Class without tracking $40.00 2-3 weeks
USPS Priority Airmail $60.00 1-2 weeks
USPS Express Mail $80.00 5-7 Days  USPS

Note: First Class Airmail does not provide tracking.

Canada: Is a Flat Rate $15.00


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