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The Key to Beauty Tips 101

The Key To Beauty! Don't sleep in your Ladies it's very simple to keep your skin clean. Cosmo Haul Cosmetics is one of the best product help you with your skin care.  Our products are Botanical based, so your are assured to have the best results.  Remember that your skin will get worse before it gets better, because your clogged pores needs to release all impurities that has build up in your pores. You might get bumps that weren't there before, but don't panic it's the key to beauty!!!    

Skin Types

These skincare kits are great for MUA's on the Go! There are kits for every skin type!  There will be a post breakdown with all the Skin Types Kits. Our kits come with surprise Giveaways! Oily Skin Dry Skin Combination Skin  Normal To Dry Skin

Curly Hair

Agave 4 oz Kit Agave Smoothing Treatment Kit $60.00 USD                         Agave Smoothing Hair Treatment it last for 8 to 12 weeks. Agave is safe and reduces frizz and helps with different elements especially humidity, and rainy weather. It protects your hair and reduces time on blowdrying. It can also be used on any types of  hair. Instruction inside!