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African American Hair Salons

Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatments Journey!

When we started the smoothing treatment process 2 years ago.  We have came a long ways. Two years ago her hair had color and relaxer. Which, was not good for her Afro fragile hair. It started breaking and shedding do to a combination of other things.  So we took a different approach and started doing smoothing treatments. It took almost 2 years. But now her hair Is healthy and she's a happy client. Sometimes you have to have faith in your stylist and give the process sometime. Any ways, please scroll down the page and you will see how far we have came in our hair journey!

Plus Size Summer Fashion 2017

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Plus Size Wirefree Bra and Mesh Panel Leggings - Gray 2xl

Rose Wholsale

Lace Up Leggings

These sexy Plus Size 2x Lace Up Leggings are my favorite of all. The only thing about theses leggings are underwear are a big No No's!  As women we will figure out away to wear what we want. These are great for summer.

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Treatments for aging, problem skin, and acne. We're offering a Deep Cleansing Pore Facial. This Facial will get out all the impurities out of your skin, It will help tighten your skins elasticity and shrink your pores! We want to help your skin to stay ageless. Facial & Eye Brow $45 Brazilian & Back Waxing $110 Brazilian & Chest Waxing $100 Paypal

Men Waxing Bess  We are happy to have our waxing site please check it out!


Pure Organics are wonderful products made from pure ingredients. This is a dear friend of mines products and I stand by it. My skin is so soft and pure product has made a difference in my skin. It's made more softer and I have a glow which I did not have before.  I'll be posting picson my skin on my skin results soon.