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Extension & Braids Information

Plus the cost of hair $50 for deposit goes towards your service on the install date none refundable. Extensions & Braids must be ordered through my website or bought at a beauty supply store. There are a few hair brands that we recommend below.   


To order hair through our site customers need a least a 1 week prior to the official appointment date and paid upfront on our (shop link).  Hair Extensions color doesn't always match to perfection but will be close to your desired hair color as possible. Buying inexpensive hair doesn't last and tangles and sheds, so we recommend the best quality of hair for your extension-install. 

Braids Medium sized singles only $250 deposit $50 non- refundable for longer hair extra Zury Hair 100% Kanekolon or 100 % Human Hair only consultation 


 Brands: Bobby Boss, Bonela by Bobbi Boss,  Milky Way, Outrea, Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian, Remy

Beauty Supply Stores: Mid-K, Living Color, VIP Beauty Stores Are Available For Clients Whom Paid Deposit

Special occasions Extensions:

Trial Runs, $120 for 3 to 4 Extensions Install plus the cost of hair & $50 deposit for your appointment date (no style included). Please bring a picture of your desired style so we can place the extensions in the right pattern. Trial Runs on Micro Weft Extensions are to see how, the hair blends and where to place the hair for your official style. Micro Weft Installs will still be on the weft when applied. On the Trial Run date we will only apply the Extensions with a few beads, so please wash your hair at least 1 day before your consultation. 

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