Salon Software Marketing

My hairstylist friends are always asking me how do I market my beauty business. I always tell them just because you have "a" website its just sitting there in the cloud just floating.  The reason, why their website is sitting there floating there's traction because there's nothing to boost it. You need much more to signal the cloud to make it move. But having the knowledge can turn your website into a money maker. There's a few tools that can be utilized with a few to little of computer technology skills ... It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out! But I will be posting on YouTube some of my beauty and fashion marketing strategies.

However, In today's world of marketing there's more than one way to reach your audience. Using bots is a strategic way to interact with customers and generate leads. Bots are great when organizing your time because you can keep all your clients organized in one place. Its so much you can do with bots send out coupons, codes and broadcast to everyone who's made purchases with your business.

Bots can be used for beauty and fashion:
hair salons, blogs, and great for landing pages to attract customers to your social media content. You you don't need a website to use bots. In order to navigate a bot you must have Facebook messenger.

Happy Holidays Everyone and Stay tuned!


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